A constantly repeated written statement in my reports is to recommend replacing the locks or rekeying the cylinders on all doors.  Most people usually hand over all sets of keys to the new owners at the time of closing.  However, many sets were probably made over the years and copies could in fact be all over town!

Your new neighbors might have a set, Johnny the contractor who did the rear addition back in ’83 – he might have a set.  Or even scarier – Crazy Cousin Eddie might have a key to the garage and help himself to your snow blower come the first snowfall!

If you want to feel secure in your new home, there are two options for you:

  1. Change your locks.
  2. Rekey your locks.

Changing your locks gives you the opportunity to upgrade to a higher quality lock but is more invasive and expensive, especially if you have a lot of doors! If you are satisfied with the look and quality of your existing locks, rekeying is an great option – as you will only be replacing the cylinder thus rendering any old key useless.

Stats show that over HALF of new homeowners do not change or rekey their locks when the move in.  That being said, I recommend that you call a reliable and trustworthy locksmith so you can sleep at night (or when on vacation)!  Also, don’t forget to change your garage door codes or any other keypad locks!




Rekeying your new home

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