I responded to an email a few months ago from DTE Energy.  A month later I get a super cool box of energy efficient products and gizmos sent free of charge!  What was in the box you ask?  Well – bathroom and kitchen sink aerators, hot water heater hot water supply pipe insulation, an energy efficient shower head, LED night lights, receptacle child safety caps and five Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.  Pretty cool for just responding to a mailer!

I do believe that they offered a limited number of these kits – but you should be sure to respond so the next time they offer it you get one!  When it comes to energy savings – every dollar matters!  During a home inspection, we inspectors get to see a lot of this; old outdated plumbing fixtures, uninsulated hot water supply lines all the way to poorly insulated spaces and even attics and walls WITHOUT insulation.

Make every effort you can to consume less energy in 2015 – get this DTE kit when it becomes available and get off to a great, and free start!



Free energy efficient stuff!

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