Ann Arbor Inspections offers home inspections for:

  • HOME BUYERS: understand your home before you buy
  • HOME SELLERS: pre-inspect to help remedy issues before you sell
  • HOME OWNERS: solve problems before they escalate

Inspections start at $350, learn more.

We serve Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Dexter, Chelsea, Northville, Novi, Plymouth, Canton, Livonia and other nearby areas. Feel free to call with any questions, 734-834-1945.

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During each inspection we will observe the entire home or building while looking for defects in major systems.  A sampling of the structures and systems that will be tested in your building inspection includes:

  • EXTERIOR: grading and drainage, retaining walls, exterior walls, patios, entrances, stairs, hand railings, decks and railings, patio covers, walkways, driveways, eaves, soffits and fascias, doors, windows, trim, gutters, downspouts, extensions, the main attached or detached parking structure and garage door openers
  • STRUCTURE: exposed visible and accessible areas of the foundation, columns, floors and walls
  • ROOFING: roof coverings, flashings, skylights and roof penetrations (vents/stacks)
  • ELECTRICAL: service entrance, grounding, main panel and sub panels, branch circuits, outlets, switches, presence of GFCI outlets and the identification of any visible electrical hazards
  • HEATING and A/C: description of components and remarks on the overall condition of the system, visible parts of the combustion system, air conditioning components, supply and discharge lines, visible venting and ductwork, registers, air flow, filters, humidifiers, controls and thermostats
  • PLUMBING: main water supply/meter, accessible distribution lines and drains, fixtures, vents, functional flow (in all bathrooms), water heater and sumps with accessible floats
  • INSULATION: accessible areas in the attic, crawlspace and/or basement
  • INTERIOR: major defects pertaining to the walls and ceilings, windows, doors, stairs and railings, fireplaces, ceiling fans, and the presence of smoke alarms
  • LAUNDRY ROOM: washer, dryer, laundry tub and appliance venting
  • KITCHEN: cabinets, counters, food disposal, venting and on/off testing of the built-in appliances
  • GARAGE: interior, exterior, roof, doors, safety sensors and automatic door openers. Additional buildings such as pole barns and sheds are not inspected unless this additional fee paid inspection is requested
  • FIREPLACE: damper, visible areas of the smoke shelf/chimney and the firebox
  • MAINTENANCE/SAFETY: Identification/location of water, fuel and electric shut off locations, smoke and CO alarms, gas leak checks, railings, fall hazards, trip hazards and other items as identified throughout the inspection
  • NOTE: The above is for quick reference only. Please read the NACHI Standards of Practice for a complete list of what is inspected, what is not inspected and the limitations, exceptions, and exclusions related to a home inspection

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