I came across this dandy during a home inspection recently.  I always preach “move the water away from your home” but this one really made me chuckle!  Move the downspout away but don’t create a giant tripping hazard right at your front door!  A better idea would be to tie it to the footing drain below the ground or even better (and cheaper) would be to attach the downspout to a rain barrel.

“Step on me!” Downspouts in not-so-good locations

Rain barrels have increased in popularity recently, as water prices have increased.  You are also doing a great thing too – reusing water that otherwise would flow to the city sewers, nearby streams or maybe into your basement.  Use the water to water your grass, your trees and gardens all season long!  I have two of them at my house and there is nothing finer than spilling 100 gallons of free water on my lawn and flowers!

Rain barrel

A great nearby source of rain barrels is Great Lake Rain Barrels over in Farmington Hills.  Tell owner, Chris Merucci that Mike Kirchner at Ann Arbor Inspections sent you!





Rain Barrels and Downspouts

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